Home Personal Training
Going to the gym regularly may not be your thing; may be you prefer working out at the convenience of your home. It is likely that you want to work out along with a loved one, such as your spouse or family.
Strength Training
Our weight training programs are designed to promote muscle fibre hypertrophy. Your muscles get stronger when they are forced to operate beyond their usual capacity which requires great care.
Fitness Evaluation
We recommend everyone to take our fitness evaluation test before joining our programs. Fitness evaluation will offer an insight into your body in terms of strength, endurance...
Gym Based Personal Training
Personal training programs offer exclusive access to the instructor for comprehensive focus on your training needs. Our one-on-one training sessions last between 45-75 minutes, per session.
Equipment Based Training
We offer all types of equipment-based training to condition your upper, lower, and overall body. From high-intensity training to cardiovascular health


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