Strength Training

Your muscles get stronger when they are forced to operate beyond their usual capacity, which is a method known as overload. The technique involves lifting heavy weight to strain your muscles and to accustom them to lift heavier weight. It helps in increasing your performance significantly and increases speed. Strength training is also useful for losing excessive body weight. When strength training is combined with a caloric deficit diet, it increases your metabolism to make up for low energy levels, resulting in increased fat burn. This fitness regime is especially suitable for those who are tuning up for a sports competition or sports-related challenges.

Weight Training

Our weight training programs are designed to promote muscle fibre hypertrophy. Our resistance training focuses on muscle growth by increasing:

• Contractile proteins Such as myosin and actin.
• The size and number of myofibrils, per muscle fibre.
• The amount of connective, ligamentous and tendinous tissues.
• Stored nutrients and enzymes.

Our weight training programs can increase:

• Strength Endurance: aims at increasing repetitions of muscle contractions under fatigue.
• Power: develops powerful and fast muscle movement
• Maximum Strength: focuses on increasing muscle size with medium to heavy loading, ideal for heavy lifters
• Size with Strength: Develops muscle mass and strength using an intense training mode

Weight loss

• Strength training programs are a great way to lose body fat while through intensive burning.
• Our focused exercises will help you grow muscles while shedding fat, toning your body for a perfect athletic look.
• Weight loss using strength training will get you in shape, in no time.
• When you are on a weight loss regimen, you need all the necessary and professional help to keep you motivated and committed towards your long-term objectives.

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