Going to the gym regularly may not be your thing; maybe you prefer working out at the convenience of your home. It is likely that you want to work out along with a loved one, such as your spouse or family. Working out with your peer members offers a comfortable experience. We offer all kinds of home personal training sessions including equipment-based training.

Home personal training sessions could be in your home a local park or at client’s preferred location. FBI-pt will arrange all the necessary equipment for an upbeat and productive session. The location needs to be within 7 miles radius from Gravesend with a maximum 20-minutes’ drive distance. Additional charges of £2, per extra mile, will be charged for locations farther than 5 miles.

Our home PT sessions can be customised to suit your preferences and we have the necessary equipment. Home personal training sessions can be organised for groups and individuals. Therefore, whether you need one-on-one training or group sessions at the comfort of your home, FBI can arrange that. Some of our home PT sessions include, but are not limited to:

Weight loss exercises

We offer weight loss programs with or without equipment for home-based sessions. These include complimentary nutritional advice and devising a personalised diet regime.

Strength Training

We have the necessary equipment to facilitate strength training at your home. We bring all the necessary equipment and can hold the sessions at your preferred location.

Cardiovascular Fitness

We offer tailor-made cardiovascular fitness programs based on your gender, age, and health.

Equipment based training

We offer all types of equipment based training to condition your upper and lower body.

Boxfit Sessions

Our box fit sessions can be organised at your home, which is ideal for sedentary and overweight females and males.

Endurance Training

Our endurance training programs will improve your muscle performance under conditions of fatigue using the right equipment at your home.