We recommend everyone to take our fitness evaluation test before joining our programs. Fitness evaluation will offer an insight into your body in terms of strength, endurance, Body Mass Index (BMI) and allow you to choose a training program, which is best for your body type.

Our fitness evaluation is based on a series of anatomical measurements using adequate testing protocols that will serve as a viable source for your training requirement. When you want to enhance your performance and improve your physical looks, you need to ensure the best training method for optimal results.

Results vary according to training methods, repetition, and intensity. To ensure you build your body effectively and efficiently it is best to identify what training suits your objectives. Our initial fitness evaluation may include, but is not limited to:

• Body Mass Index (BMI)
• Abdominal endurance and strength test using the ‘Sit up test’
• Flexibility test using ‘sit and reach’
• Monitoring blood pressure
• Body fat percentage using state of the art technology
• Lung function
• Aerobic test

These tests are designed to evaluate your physical capabilities and put you under a training program that best compliments your body. Straining your body excessively under certain conditions can cause considerable damage to your health, leading to long-term illnesses. By evaluating your physical fitness, we can indicate and design a training program that offers an efficient route in achieving your fitness goals.