FBI Personal Training was founded by Imre Feke, a level 3 professional in Anatomy and Physiology, with a vision of educating people with health and fitness-related knowledge. Imre acquired a Personal Training Diploma in 2017, which is why FBI Personal Training is backed by proven and researched-based weight reduction methods, which will change your lifestyle.

Our instructors are qualified trainers who can offer you professional guidelines to reduce your weight, get you in shape and manage your health. Reducing weight is not easy without a proper diet plan; many individuals strenuously exercise to lose weight but regain quickly due to an unhealthy diet. Our training program will enrich your lifestyle, embedding a healthy diet plan that offers long-term prospects. With our training program, you not only lose weight but also manage it by opting for healthier diet plans that ultimately enhance your overall health conditions by improving your cardiovascular health and reducing hypertension. Our training programs are recommended for everyone between the age 18-55 years.

Our Mission

The mission of FBI Personal Training is to enrich the lives of people by influencing their diet and exercise. We strive to offer our customers a quality lifestyle that balances their overall health by encouraging exercises that support a healthy lifestyle.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help people administer their weight and overall health by understanding the importance of regular exercise and the right diet, which maintains a balance and promotes healthy living. We strive to educate people and empower them with the knowledge to help them lead a healthy, fit and happy life.


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